We got some musicians, collectors, athletes and doctors hanging out making cool applications to help internet consumers. Parents and college kids praise us on the internet. Our new office was custom designed for getting work done in comfort — whether you like to work sitting, standing, or on the couch.

Why we like working here

We build web applications, not web sites.

If you’re looking to build a webpage for your Uncle’s burger joint, this isn’t the place for you. We build large scale applications that serve millions of users.

Work on a range of products.

Working on a top-50 website scaling to millions of users? That’s cool. Working on bootstrapping an experimental startup project? That’s cool too. Doing both on the same day, that’s Tipping Canoe.

PC Load Error, what does that mean?

When you’re working on high tech products, you deserve high tech gear. You won’t find dusty PCs here, and we’re always willing to invest in new hardware, learning resources, and software.

Stay thirsty, my friends. And hungry. And caffeinated.

Our kitchen is always stocked with delicious and healthy snacks, and we take our coffee game pretty seriously around these parts.

Have teammates, not co-workers.

Moving at the speed of the internet means we don’t have time to get bogged down with managers and bosses. We work together with a global team to do awesome.

Stand on the shoulders of giants.

We’re always searching for the latest, hottest technology to help us out. And when we get there first, we’re happy to share our solutions back with the community.

Make it “your” product.

Our best products come from talented people who put their stamp on their work. Got a suggestion? Our door’s always open (if we had doors).

Free yourself from corporate mood swings.

We own and self-fund every product we work on, so there’s no investors breathing down our necks.

Keep fit and have fun.

Feel free to cycle or run to work; our office has a shower!

Friday lunch is on the company.

Lunch is provided every Friday so the entire team can get caught on the latest company news, or better yet share Winnipeg gossip.

Our home inside Forth

We're proud to call Forth our home away from home. It's space comfortable enough to work in, without sterile flouresent lit cubicles (we use LED lights instead). But Forth is so much more — combining a tech company, an art gallery, a cafe, a coffee roaster, and a lounge — it's a new type of space in Winnipeg, and we're thrilled to be a part of it.

Why not join us?

Think this sounds like a cool place to work? We might have an opening fit for your skills.