Everything you need

Hardware and software provided.

Quality hardware, software, and training resources are important to doing our jobs the best we can.


Not everyone's day is equal, so we offer flexible work hours and environments.

Continuous learning.

Hack Days and the opportunity to attend a conference annually will keep you on your toes and into the latest technology.

Comprehensive benefits.

Vision, dental, and healthcare benefits are standard for our team.

Hard work is rewarded.

We reward our employees based on effort, not job titles.

Respect for your work.

Our team works on projects that we really believe in and take pride in helping bring them to the next level.

Still not convinced?

Find out more about what makes us tick.


Co-op students welcome

We're looking for motivated, energetic students who are ready to learn and contribute to products that reach millions of people around the globe.

~ curl --header "Accept: application/json" http://www.tippingcanoe.com/careers
"reasons": {
"description": "Reasons to spend your Co-Op term with Tipping Canoe",
"count": 4,
"data": [
"reason_id": 1,
"title": "You're part of the team.",
"description": "You're not going to spend your term fixing the CEO's email, we promise. You'll be commiting code live to millions of our users within your first week.",
"reason_id": 2,
"title": "You're learning real skills.",
"description": "Part of being a real developer on our real teams is that you'll learn everything we know. These are some of the most interesting technologies in the web and app world, and you'll spend your day working with them.",
"reason_id": 3,
"title": "You're treated like one of us.",
"description": "From our exciting culture and perks to generous pay for your time, we treat our co-workers well, and our co-ops are no exception.",
"reason_id": 4,
"title": "You're starting a career.",
"description": "Simply put, our goal is to help you become the kind of developer we'd like to hire... and we very often do. Many of our former co-op students have found perminent work with Tipping Canoe after their graduation.",
"learn_more": {
"description": "Interested? Contact your placement coordinator or find out more from the U of M CS Co-Op Program."