Tipping Careers

It takes a strong team to keep the canoe going upstream! We're always looking for talented people who have a passion for the web and want to work on helping our sites and apps be successful. The best candidates have a good mix of technical skills and the ability to think freely while participating with our team.

Tipping Canoe campers enjoy the regular tech office perks of beverages and snacks, as well as regular fireside lunches, public transit credits and employee benefits. We keep our team happy, healthy and ready to voyage into the internet unknown.

Think you have what it takes?

If you want to spend your days reworking legacy code, we might have to leave you on shore. Tipping Canoe developers strive to understand and adapt to new web technologies as they arise. Our web applications compete on the global stage and it is our goal to make sure our millions of users are happy.

The core technologies we use are the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack with XSLT templates -- but Gearman, Sphinx, Memcached, Wordpress, jQuery, LESS, Subversion, OAuth, Objective-C, and Java help us stay in calm waters

Available Jobs

PHP Developer

Do you love programming? Do you spend your time thinking about how to make things you've already made better, or get excited when you are able to implement something completely new where the only limitation is your imagination? When you come across a new piece of technology do you automatically think of all the amazing and new things that you will be able to do with it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will feel at home with Tipping Canoe. We are an incubator working on social commerce projects with an emphasis on creating really useful, easy to use, informative sites for our users. We try to give them the best experience possible, both on the web, and via native mobile applications. To do that, we keep our minds completely open to new ideas, and new technology.

We have incubated the biggest (and best) social commerce sites in the UK and Germany, and we are looking for a PHP developer to join our team to help us expand to more countries, and also to help us continuously improve our current sites.

The responsibilities include:

  • Write awesome code
  • Implement and tweak awesome features
  • Stay on top of the latest advancements in PHP/HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
Some perks of working for Tipping Canoe are:
  • Any tech equipment/gadgets you want
  • Flexible working hours
  • Awesome team of passionate people to work with
  • Monthly 'hack' days for learning new technologies and skills
  • We also offer a very competitive compensation package, as well as relocation assistance (if required)
The qualities we are looking for are:
  • At least 3 years of experience as a PHP developer
  • Knowledge of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery
  • Knowledge of relational databases (MySQL, postgresql)
  • Experience with PHP frameworks (Laravel, Yii, FuelPHP, Symfony 2, Zend 2)
  • Knowledge of OO programming and design patterns
  • Experience with unit testing and integration tests
  • Self-motivation and a passion for learning new technologies
  • Experience with SCM (git or svn)
Bonus points for knowing / using any of the following:
  • MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, or memcache
  • TDD (PHPUnit) or BDD (Behat or Codeception)
  • AngularJS / Node / SASS / LESS
  • Composer / Packagist (double bonus points for having a package on packagist)
  • Continuous integration (with Jenkins, TravisCI, etc..)

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Calling all Comp-Sci majors!

Tipping canoe is seeking new talent. This is your chance to learn, contribute to products that millions of people use and get paid.

Why not become a Co-op?

We're looking for motivated, energetic students who are available for their first, second or third co-op term. You should be familiar with web technologies like PHP, MySQL, Sphinx & memcached or show strong skills in related technologies.

Get Awesome Experience

When you decide to hop in the canoe, you become part of the team. Our co-op students get the same flexible work schedules and competitive compensation our full time employees do.

Learn best practices and new technologies while contributing to web applications used by millions of people around the world.

Our goal is to help you become the kind of developer we'd like to hire.


Contact the placement coordinator in your faculty.